June 19, 2016

intern life pt.1

This is my first holiday that I spent far away from home for more than a week. I'm currently doing my internship in Yogyakarta at a non-governmental organisation named Housing Resource Centre. I actually have applied to two places before I got accepted here, but all of them rejected my application (sad, but true). The internship itself is mandatory which require eight to twelve weeks to complete a three-credit course on the following semester. I'm not going to be the one and only URP ITS student here since Jhon and Ridha are also accepted here, yeay!

During my internship I stay at a boarding house near to Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. My friend Dewi accompanied me while searching for this boarding house. The place itself is nice and strategic. Food is within reach, yet the neighborhood is friendly.

So far, working at HRC is interesting and challenging at the same time. The first days went slowly and enjoyable enough. My friends and I conducted a field study at Kampung Flory, an agrotourism destination in Sleman which was initiated by 20 young farmers with great vision. The location itself is eye-catching. I'd like to recommend this place for family with small kids and elementary school or kindergarten that are interested to arrange a small educational trip in Yogya.

On last Friday, my team mate and I were involved in a discussion where our project coordinator, Mbak Isti, delivered a small presentation about her draft that is going to be presented in a few days. HRC's director, Bu Tia, previewed the session and gave a lot of comments. My team mate Adam and I were also quizzed about our project-related stuffs, including our perspecitve about ASEAN Economic Community. I felt so dumb yet enlightened after it. Never ever I thought that AEC is really really important and might influence so many aspects that I've learned for the past three years (call me pathetic for this). Maybe I should write a separate post about this.

So, how's your current holiday?

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