August 6, 2016


To me, visiting ancient places is one of hundred things that I always like.

It was a cloudy day when Jhon and I went to Tamansari Water Castle. Although the clouds are hanging in the sky, the temperature wasn't that nice. The last time I visited Tamansari was when my survey mates and I conducted an observasion at Kampoeng Cyber which was about two weeks before eid. Meanwhile, it was Jhon's very first visit to this ancient recreation site of the Keraton Ngayogyakarta's royal family. Since we are domestic tourists, we're only charged 6000 IDR. Each tourist is given a brochure that explains the site briefly. There supposed to be a guide, but the woman that works in the information said that since we are domestic tourist we don't need to be guided. No offense, in my opinion tourist should be guided professionally for the sake of experiencing the vibe of Tamansari itself as a heritage site.

The meaning of Tamansari itsef is 'a beatutiful garden'. This site was built by the first king of Ngayogyakarta, Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, in 1758. Orginally Tamansari was divided into 4 areas. Today, the beauty of Tamansari fades away with its surrounding. Thousand of unorganized dwellings grow through years. It's sad to know that only a few people who really understand the matter of protecting historical site rather than just feeding their own need.

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