December 30, 2016


The highlight of December is probably all about my bachelor thesis in the making. I had my first out of three thesis defense at the beginning of December,while the rest are scheduled on the 8th semester. This month also resemble of all things that I have done for the past years since college has begun. A day before the defense day I didn't freak out, instead I was just being a lazy potato living a slow yet easy day. The opposite happened on the D-day. I got nerves and kinda trembled. I thought that my defense session was the worst among my batch, but somehow I felt that at this point some of my friends and I were at the same average point.

This month I also had my very last written exam as an undergraduate student, worked on a video for a final project with Auke, and had a nice discussion on LGBT issue with a friend from different religion (found out that the conclusion wasn't surprising).

Anyway happy holiday for y'all!

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