December 30, 2016


Friday before Christmas was the last day of the 7th semester which was remarked by the the last written exam. Just two hours after I finished the written exam, I rushed to the airport with two good friends of mine. I flew home at 2.30 pm. On my way to home, I couldn't help myself from not thinking about my future plan. The way to home supposed to be a joyful trip, but this time it was also mixed with a kind of anxiety. I'm worried about the things that I have to face once I left my current comfort zone, school.

Speaking about school,  I have been attending uni for 7 semesters till now since September 2013. It's not a short time, of course, but does time still matter if we couldn't even take lessons from it? To me, choosing uni is a matter of passion and condition, but surviving through it is more than just passing day by day. There are many kinds of fellow students that I have met since the first day and not all of them fit with my ideals. Some teach me positive things and stand by my side while the rest just come and go.

The longer I know my friends, peers, and the people in my circumstance in general, the more I realise that us human are products of our experiences in the past. We mostly react based on our experiences, even the bad ones. On the flip side, the society has it own norms which in a weird way is sometimes hard to accept, right?

Before I turned 20 last year, I never thought that school will be my favorite place and a place where I  would like to see myself in the future. The lucky chance to life in an advance country for 4 years during my childhood has somehow contribute to my perspective of life, especially about school and education itself. Since the day I realised my longlife passion, I actually set up myself to be an academia in the future. Sometimes I found it hard to express my love for this kind of thing because my words are limited while my heart knows it all. If someone ask me what is my mission as a future academia, I will answer that beside pursuing my passion, I believe that being academia is my way to contribute to this nation.

This is just the beginning and I already found that being an idealist, including pursuing the way to be an academia in my case, is not that easy. Sometimes I could see that people (might) underestimate me and my choice. In my opinion, I think people still assume that being academia is a geeky option instead of a cool option as in devoting our soul in education is maybe not a safe career option. To be brutally honest, if we keep dreaming about a better education for our successor but we do not make a progress, well, our dream will be just a dream.

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