January 6, 2017


If you've been reading this blog since a long time ago, you might know that I've been taking pictures since I was 4 year old with a long hiatus for about 6 years. I got my first DSLR in 2014 after shooting picture in digital formats with a compact digital camera and a prosummer for 4 years since high school. Today my interest for photography grows bigger and bigger. Thanks to the community where I live for this!

Pushing back time to 3-6 years ago, I had an opinion that editing picture is a sin. I feel more comfortable to publish my image straight from my memory card instead of processing it. At that time, to me the pure the image, the better it is. Even though I took a course on basic post-processing, the idea to edit my photoworks never came to my mind. 

My mind eventually changed after my impulsive flashpacking trips to Bandung and Lampung in 2015. I went to places that I had never visit before in short time. Since I didn't waste the moment without taking any pictures, I tried to take as much as I could. When I came back home, I looked at the pictures and I realized that even the subjects are interesting, there must be something done to make it more interesting. The main problem that I mostly face is lighting because I'm a kind of person who rarely stick on my itenary. Because of those minor problems, I started to do post-processing. 

Speaking about originality, to me post-processing is not a sin since I never add new element into my works. I'm just improving the image quality by adjusting the color tone, brightness, saturation, etc. Well, in a more sophisticated way I'd also like to say that improving the quality of ourselves is also not a sin because I personally think that the raw me is also not flawless. 


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