March 14, 2017


I spent the first four days of February in Singapore due to an excursion that my batch had planned. It was not only a nice trip, but also inspiring. The way Singaporeans live their days has impressed me: from obbeying the law to planning the future of their country. On my third day in Singapore I had a chance to meet Deka, a high school mate who currently studies computer science at NTU. We chose Outram Park station as our meeting point. Our short but meaningful meeting was continued with a visit to Art Porters and China Town. Long story short, after three days my friends and I had to flew back to Surabaya.

Then came the first week of school. Since I've completed all of my undegraduate studies except FP, I don't have to go to campus on daily basis. There are days when I go to my campus simply just for the sake of keeping my social life healthy while juggling with my FP.

Anyway, February was the month that reminded me to be grateful for what I have.


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