March 29, 2017


March was a kind of ride to the hell, according to me. I learned a lot about managing expectation. At the beginning of the month, a favorite lecturer of mine made a short visit to Surabaya while struggling with her doctoral dissertation. It was nice to see her again because she and I shared a unique connection from our background to our interest. Several days after meeting Mrs. R, my postgrad application was rejected. I found out that only 10 out of 800s aplicants are accepted. No, I was not shocked but my friends were. I was sane enough to say that this is not supposed to be a big issue, since I also have to finish my bachelor thesis as soon as possible. 

On the flip side, I got new opportunities on this Month, too. Mas Dimas, my senior, asked me to join the 15th edition of WWIM in Surabaya's committee. I'm glad that through WWIM I could meet new people with similar interest (photography) and learned how to manage an event which is under the cooperation of community and local government. Meanwhile, my bachelor thesis also asked to me take part on his research about flood modelling. Hopefully this kind of experience could add some highlights of my college years and broaden my knowledge about modelling for urban planning cases. 

Last but not least, experiencing this kind of time made me realize that God has always a better plan for us. 


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