April 22, 2017


April was fine and bold. I had my oral examination aka viva exam on the second week of April, just six days after I went to Malang for a short getaway slash impromtu trip. My oral examination wasn't as smooth as I wished, but I was beyond lucky that I could pass it even the score was just fair. My dearest lab mate, Aga and Ali, prepared a small celebration which was a movie night. There were twelve of us, watching the premiere of Fast and Furious 8. To be honest I'm not a big fan of FF, but somehow I love FF 8. It was the most humane movie of the installment, according to me. Three hours after I went home from the cinema I had to catch the flight to Jakarta. Yes, I went home. Going home was probably a crazy idea that strucked my mind just several hours after the oral examination. Fortunately, my thesis supervisor allowed me to have a getaway (again). 

A day after I arrived at home safely, my mother offered me a short trip to Bandung. Another lucky moment, I guess? Last month I actually told her that I want to visit Bandung after oral exam. I planned to do on May, but since there was a new schedule for final terms students, I had to cancel my first plan. I answered her offer with a big smile. Then I went to Bandung with my father, who also had a three-day business meeting in Bandung, too. I spent my days in Bandung with exploring its new/renewed public spaces which are well-know for their good ambience and of course its delicious food. I was glad to know that somehow Bandung has relieved my stress (#finalyearstudent problem).

Thank you Malang, Bogor, and Bandung for showing your magic.

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