June 22, 2017


Hey Jens, do you believe that love at first sight would last forever?
I don't think so. 

And so does my relationship with drawing and painting. My mom once told me that I started to scribble since I was 7 months old, months before I could even walk. Then, when I started Kindergarten, my dad was amazed because her daughter could sit 4 hours straight just for drawing. When I was 9, I told my parents and my relatives that are close to me that someday I'll turn drawing or painting as my main job from a childhood hobby. So what happened on the following years? I still draw or paint, but at the same I also discover more things that opened my eyes. Those experiences led to my major now, Urban and Regional Planning (and I'm expected to graduate on September 2017). 

Through ups and downs that I faced, miraculously I found out that no matter how hard this major is, Urban and Regional Planning is still interesting. Right now, in my early 20s, I plan to take planning as a serious job in the future. While juggling, I also realized that both drawing and painting are the activites that kept me sane. But as a normal person, I often rambled that my life must be nicer if only I go to art or design school and take drawing or painting seriously, so that I can make a good life from it. Teehee. 

Shortly, what I want to say is you don't always have to turn your hobby into an adult job. Sometimes there's a time that you should keep your hobby as a meditation to keep yourself sane. Be a free thinker, let yourself grow, be open to new ideas.


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