June 22, 2017


A few days before Ramadhan I met my lecturer, Mrs. K, at a supermarket near to the boarding house where I live. I greeted her and she said, surprisingly, "hey Jennie! It took a minute to recognize you since you dont wear make up". Just like what she said, I didnt put any make up on that day since it was my day off. 

I wear very basic make up on campus days or whenever I have to dress properly, even it was a just day that I spend in the library/coffee shop to finish my work. Normally I use primer, bb cream, loose powder, and lipstick wtih nude shades. Just like that and I already feel more comfortable. I dont use eyeliner or blush because they will fade away whenever I have to take wudhu before the prayer. 

There is a bit of background story about my make up habit. People often notized my pale face, even though Im not sick. What made it worst is I have a dark complexion and having a pale face plus dark complexion is just not okay for me. I never thought that things like that would ruin my days until a moment where wearing light make up could be fun. Oh yes, before that I was not comfortable with make up too, even though I'm already very familiar with skin care. 

It's been almost a year since I wear make up on daily basis and I never regret it. Of course I still experience the days when I dont wear anything on my face, except skin care.

The most important thing is women wear make up not because they want to be complimented by others. It's simply a symbol of self-loving and celebration to live the moment.

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