July 22, 2017


A few days ago I met someone, an old friend actually, whom I haven't met for years. I didn't know how this could happened, but then I assumed that we were driven by different interest which is quite normal. The last time I met him before we headed to different paths was probably on the second semester. Since the universe conspired to reunited us because of an assignment from the lab where I'm currently working for, writing this moment might be a good digital footprint. 

Beside consulting about the asssignment, both of us had the chance to get know each other again just like two new friends. Thanks God, it wasn't a weird moment.  Never I know that he has improved a lot for the past three years by being involved in so many activities, both inside and outside the campus. I was not really surprised by the fact that he decided to postpone his bachelor thesis due to pursue his passion for so many things, including writing and community-based research. 

Everything was normal until I realized that he was the male version of me. It was funny yet scarry knowing the male version of Jennie is in front of the real Jennie itself. Meeting him was probably like seeing myself in a mirror about truth and compassion. Even though at first I thought we took different paths, later I found out that both of us were actually 'trapped' in similar interests, including art and literature. Out of the blue, I was amazed by the fact that currently he is working on some 'though-provoking' things with his community. 

We finished our discussion about flood modelling and drainage system by three o'clock in the afternoon. On my way to the boarding house, I stopped by at a small shop. While looking for some snacks in the small shop, somehow I feel guilty for myself, triggred by the moment that just happened a while ago. I've been always an old sould with a glimpse of childish and always take time to redefine what I really want to do while my peers already know their path. I'm the one who deny herself as a potential generalist, while the others dare take the risky path to be a specialist.

Perhaps meeting him was a reminder that I even though I tried to take different paths for the past four years, looking back to what I have done is not a sign of regret. Instead, it is a sign that I made progress, including the less significant one. 

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