August 30, 2017


On August many things have changed, from my friends who left Surabaya one by one, multiple short trips that I made, and scientific papers that I have written. The panic buttons that colored my last year as an undergraduate student decided to leave Surabaya earlier while I still have to stay in Surabaya due to complete several projects. I was kinda emotional after visiting my friends' boarding houses on their last days in Surabaya. Never I though that the kind of attachment that we have made me both happy because they are very nice and sad because now we are miles apart. But it's okay. Once you are ready to meet new people, you also have to be ready to bid them a farewell in the future, wheter it would happen sooner or later. 

Speaking about the shirt trips, on this month I went to Batu, Semarang, and Padang. Batu, a small beautiful city near to Malang, was beyond my expectation. I went there with my fellow lab mates: Wibi, Ali, Aga, Ricil, and Edo. It was an arranged trip, since we also planned to pay a visit to our lecturer's house in Singosari. Just two days after my trip to Batu, I went to Semarang. I keep wondering why I haven't made a proper visit to this city, even though almost every year my family and I stop by at this city as a part of our annual mudik. My trip to Semarang was followed with another trip again. But for this time I flew outside Java island for my graduation trip as encouraged by my parents. If you are interested to know more about my trip to Padang, feel free to read it here.

In between my short trips, I went to the lab on daily basis to finish my current research. So far it has been a nice experience to be involved in two researches at one time. The first one is about high-rise buildings, while the other one is about drainage system. Probably I gonna talk about this kind of opportunity in a separate post.


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