August 5, 2017


July was probably a turning point for me, so that I could get to know myself better. I spent the first week in my hometown, Bogor, before returning again to finish my unfinished business in Surabaya, including graduation-related stuffs. Spending a week in Bogor is not always enough, because I always know that Bogor has unlimited suprising things to be offered. Just like the previous holiday-mode situation, I planned to meet up several good old friends whom I have known since elementary or high school. We did photo hunting sessions and had lunch together. As simple as that.

The rest of July was dominated with working on unfinished assignments from the computation lab, which is interesting and also challenging. I had to develop a new simulation to predict the flood as well as writing a publication about building regulation in Surabaya. To be honest, I'm a newbie for both topics. Never I though that I would be given assignments about disaster, since I'm more interested with economic-related topics. 

Anyway, I'm also glad that finally I had the chance to visit C2O Library, a place that I've been dreaming since my early days in Surabaya. I went there with Ais, a junior in my major. To me, C2O is such a heaven for someone who loves books that much. I also love the rustic interior which really stimulate the inner peace from every book lover. I hope that someday I can establish a place like this, too. 


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