August 14, 2017


Being someone who lives her days in between the exposure of social media is such a paradox. Just like a double-edged sword, social media could be a source of inspiration while also taking part as a toxic matter, too. Thus, social media shouldn't be praised too much. Speaking about the reality, one of the most common issues that is discussed in the virtual word is the debate about personality types, especially the comparison of introvert and extrovert.

Mostly the articles that I have read wrote that introverts are often perceived as the one who are shy, avoid crowds and social interaction with new people, couldn't stand small talks, demand for personal approach, and etc. On the other hand, extroverts are labelled as the noisy ones and bunch of people who rule the world because of their spontaneous attitude. A random article that I have read also said that the world is designed for extrovert. 

The popularity of the online version of MBTI test has also taken its part in segregating people based on the 16 types of personalities by turning the test result into something that they put on their social media bio section. The question is, do they put their MBTI types to introduce themselves as a matter of claiming their existence or for other purposes? Do they expect everyone who read their bio to understand them as one of those MBTI types? Dear darling, not everyone has the ability to remember each of their acquaintances' MBTI type. Or whatever type of personality. 

If you really know what kind of personality lies in your soul, well, congratulation. But if you want everyone to treat you based on your personality, I'm sorry to say that this could be not a good sign. Remember, respect is earned, not demanded. Being an introvert or extrovert does not make you make special in the society's eyes. Instead of rambling why everyone does not understand introverts, which is equal to extroverts who get mad because everyone call them as the source of noise, just do your best to seek happiness from everything around you. 

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