October 31, 2017


On my previous post I wrote that on October I ran errands, from finishing my extended research project to graduate school application. The whole graduate school application process taught me about being honest to myself. It worried me a bit because I had to learn sorting my priorities, dreams, and others' expectation. Despite the fact that most of the members from my extended family work in the education field, the idea to be a researcher never crossed my mind until the second year of undergraduate studies. This October remarks my personal record as a future researcher who had applied for graduate school for the fourth time (some people won't believe it). 

To top the admission process, each applicant whose administrative files are verified had to attend the final selection which was consisted of writing five essays about development issues and interview session. The last stage was held in Bandung so that I had to travel there. Since I arrived a day earlier before the entrance examination, I had a bit of spare time to enjoy the city. I arranged a meet up with some of college friends who were also in Bandung for post-college retreat trip. The six of us went to Bandung Planning Gallery which reminds us of our days as planning school students. I also got to spend my dinner time with an old friend who loves photography more than I do. We chatted about our current life and future plan. Somehow I feel reconnected with this friend after the years that we missed without having any single contact.

A day after the entrance examination my dearest friend Inggar paid a visit to Bogor for the last time before she had to return to her hometown in Lampung. To me Inggar is not only my jogging mate during the last year of college. She is also a good listener who shares similar movie, food, and even make-up taste just like another friend named Ratih.

October was also my first and last month as research member who works remotely. I am glad that I am able to finish the workloads in between my craving for a real gap time. Would I do it again in the future? Perhaps, because who knows about the upcoming things.


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