October 4, 2017


Adios, Surabaya!


Yes, I officially obtained my bachelor of engineering degree in urban and regional planning from an enginnering school in East Java. Half of the month was full with preparing anything that was related with my stuffs that I had to pack from my boarding room. Since I, just like many girls out there, have tons of stuffs even though away from home, I need more time to sort them and put them into proper storages. Beside packing, I also had a bit of spare time to explore the rest of the city, including my favorite places. My fellow lab mates also held a small farewell party at a restaurant near to our campus. Even though we already finished our dinner at 7, we stayed there until almost 9 PM. It felt kinda sad when I visited places that left memories for the last time before I had to move to Bogor for good. Four year is enough for now. I promised that the time I come back to Surabaya, I will be stronger and much better!

Then the graduation day came on the third Saturday of September. I brushed my face by using the beginner's make up army because I wanted to keep it simple (and.. cheap!). After the commencement that was held in the morning, my batch also held a farewell party in the department. Several lecturers and so many colleagues (not forgotten my closest friends) came to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime moment. Some of my high school mates who continued their study in ITS also stopped by. I am glad that those people who have known me since 2010 could reunite during that simple moment. 

Sadly, I had to left the day after the commencement and farewell party. To my dearest friend Fahad, if you read this please apologize me because I was not able to attend your commencement. Thank you for being an ultra good friend since high school. 

As soon I set my brand-new life in Bogor, I began to prepare my master degree application. The documents have to be submitted at the end of October, so I had to hurry a bit. In between running errands, I still managed my time to work on my papers, catch up with some friends (some of my college mates came to Bogor), and also apply some jobs. Those things deserve a separated post to be told in a proper way, honestly. Maybe I will write soon about the transition situation that I am currently experiencing right now. 


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