October 30, 2017


It has been already five weeks since the commencement day, which remarks the end of my days as an undergraduate student. Speaking about my feelings as a fresh graduate, honestly it feels so good to leave this school but a part of me still wants to go back to school as possible. I am grateful that I was able to cross most of wishes from the wishlist that I made when I was just a freshman. 

The first thing that crossed my mind after I finished my thesis defense was about taking a gap time. School was good. Sorry, it was actually a roller coaster that tested the limit of my strength. I planned to take gap time because I want to start a brand-new life while considering about my future plan an adult. To me, the ideal gap time should be about three months after my graduation date is confirmed. I already discussed it with my parents and they agreed with my plan to do the things that I like until December 2017. 

Out of the blue my plan had to be changed. A week after I submitted the final manuscript of my bachelor thesis, I was asked by a lecturer to join his research about high-rise buildings. Meanwhile at that time I was still an active member at another research project about flood modelling. It was a kind of dilemma. As an aspiring researcher I need the experience as a research member, on the other hand I really want to take a break from the academic world. Well, finally I took the chance and challenge. According to the research plan, I had to work as a research member until a week before the commencement day. However the plan did not run smoothly due to some obstacles. The projects were extended until the last week of October. 

So, technically I have not enjoy my real gap time until the last week of October. October was full of work (even though I did it remotely) and graduate school application process. Both of them were time-consuming, but bit by bit I tried to enjoy them all. Mostly I worked from 9-3, with a one hour  lunch break after dzuhur prayer. I still got plenty of time for morning workout and reading my favorite sources before I have to hit Microsoft Word. 

The hardest part of being a fresh-graduate is actually not about job hunting. Honestly it is about keeping yourself sane and enjoy the path that you plan, despite the unpredictable journey. Sometimes I wonder about my life in a parallel world where I did not go straight to school after finishing my undergraduate degree. Some of my friends decided to limit or even take a break from social media just to keep theirselves sane. For some people the exposure of social media, where people constantly update their slice of life, during the transition phase could ruin their mood. On the flip side, I have not limit my daily dose of social media nor uninstall them because I want to know how resilient I am. I know it is ultra weird, right?

Anyway, starting from the first week of November, I will be working as a research intern at national research institute in Jakarta. I will update about it as soon as I finish my internship on December. 

Cheers to all fresh grads out there! May God always guide us.

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