December 3, 2017


I just can't believe that 2018 is just a month away. 

November went smooth. On this month I got several new opportunities. Mbak Michelle, the researcher who is responsible for the quantitative analysis on a project that we're currently working on, asked me to accompany her to the ILO event in Jakarta. Basically it was a small event where the research team from ILO shared the progress from their current research about a model development to predict the labour force in developed countries. I found out that my curiousity for model development is getting stronger.

On the third week of November I finally crossed out one of my dreams. I got a chance to collaborate with a local brand named Hana Aisha Blooming Khimar. I conducted a photoshoot with Teh Yugin, the owner of Hana Aisha. It was definetely one of the jolliest time of my life! I was beyond happy because I could finally shoot a real product from a real brand. I would like to thank Teh Yugin, Hana Aisha, and Tier Sier who was kind enough for letting us to shoot there before the opening hour. If you're interested to know more about our collaboration, just visit Hana Aisha's Instagram Page.

With all the progress that I have made so far, I can really say that I am proud of myself. Not only because the personal goals that I have achieved, but also because of the self discovery process that bring me so much enlighments about my life as an adult (so, welcome to the real adulthood!).

Welcome, December!

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