December 26, 2017


Around two or even four years ago, National Geographic published an edition that covers the teenage and early adulthood issue. The title of the Indonesian edition itself was "Otak Nan Rancak" which could be translated as "The Eager Brain" in English. According to me, it was the one of the most interesting issue that I have read so far. Even though the title was not thought-provoking, the content was beyond amazing.

Teenagers are rebel and fearless, but those are the reasons why they survived in this cruel world.

I'm 22,5 year old now and I'm already living a semi-laid-back life. Everytime I tried to remember my teenage years, the most important thing that I could chersih was actually being a younger version of myself who didn't really calculate the risk of doing something. Even though I never really skip school, but I always had the idea to avoid the subject that I didn't really like by joining an extracurricular (student club) event during school hours. This led to other things: from going home late because of practicing for a extracurricular competition without telling my parents, chilling with some friends after student club activity until a bit late to go home, rejecting my parent's advice, being not honest for a huge pile of homework, assignements, or exams because I was already running out of energy once I arrived at home, to sacrificing my least-favorite subjects' grade.

I was there.
I was the person with no action plan at all.
I was the person who loves to wake up at 8 am.
I was the person who get triggered easily.
I was the person with a non-sense behaviour.

At the age of 20, I found out that I couldn't live a messy life for a lifetime. I'm tired of being a person who care less about herself. Living a spontaneous life was totally great, but what it would meant without planning for the future? Changing myself was between a choice and a mandatory. A choice because life is basically a choice, and a mandatory because I myself wouldn't like to see myself being the person with those negative side in ten and more years from now.

By telling my case, I'm not promoting a rebelious lifestyle of a teenager. Instead I was trying to deliver a slice of my life, sharing my point of view that today's rebelious teeanger isn't always tomorrow's bad guy. Some people are just destined to experience this kind of roller-coaster to help them grow. Those kind of people sometimes just need someone need another person to guide them without judging.


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