January 2, 2018


To me, December is month to celebrate the laid-back days. The gloomy weather itself was too adorable for a melancholic person.

I finally resigned from my the office as a research intern since graduate school is about to start on January, but the re-registration had to be done before the end of December. Being a research intern was a priceless journey for my future career. From this office I learned values about being a flexible and independent person, while also enjoying a fulltime job. I'm fond that I could work with passionate people who put their heart and physical presence for the research world.

How was the rest of December?
Well, I didn't have any adventure for this month since most of my breaktime was filled with doing movie marathon. I watched various genre, eventhough it was still dominated with romance (this girl is definitely hopelessly romantic). Bella and Memes recommended me to watch Bad Genius. Seriously this movie deserves more attention. The idea of story was great. Who would even thought about bringing exam cheating as a teenage drama issue?
How was your holiday?


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