March 31, 2018


March was smooth, even though generally I was still struggling to adapt with this new lif as a graduate student. Perhaps it's safe enough to say that I already find my comfort zone whom I called as "rombongan sirkus". This new circle is basically consisted of six people who discuss and do their assignements together from one to another place and also eat from one to another eateries. Even though they are older than me, they are still the best college mates to hang out with.

As the youngest one in the class, I still have the demand to meet my friends who are at my age. Thanks God, Inas will be in Bandung until next year. She is the easiest one whom I could meet without any specific plan. I also met some college and high school mates around campus to keep myself sane. 

The second half of March was filled with completing a mini research as a part of this semester's project. My group went to Cimahi for the last time before the analysis process had to be started. We also followed several Komunitas Aleut's activities that we haven't catched. I'm thankful enough for the easiness that God has granted to my group. Our informants were so nice and cooperative. As soon as I finished my research projects, I'm going to share my experience on this blog.  

Welcome, April!

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