April 3, 2019


I haven't written anything on this blog for such a long time. Indeed, I can post thousands of excuses here, but that won't make any sense, right? I'm doing fine and not so fine here. Currently, this girl is in her last semester of master degree. Never I thought that this journey will be this thoughtful. I have to read a lot, loaded with tons of assignments and discussions, conduct individual and group projects, and finally research and write a master thesis.  

I consider myself privileged to be able to go to graduate school only a semester after I obtained my bachelor degree. However, being privilege doesn't mean that it is that easy. Apart from not having to work to my pay tuition, my parents who are both living in the academic setting are expecting me to go beyond. I know I can do this, but sometimes there were times when I feel burden. Sometimes I hope that I am surrounded by kids that are living the same pace with me or just wanting to go faster to motivate ourselves to achieve more. I used to have friends like that during my days as a high school and undergraduate student. It's fun, actually. Everything seemed more bearable as well. 

I talked to myself a while about the ideal environment that I want to have. It ended up with a self-reflection session to broke (probably) the most fragile side of me. Blaming the current situation won't make go further. So I just keep running and walking with my own pace while reminiscing the good old days when I lived close to the people that made my life fascinating. 

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